Customer share questions about VAS 5054A

About installtion Q: When vas5054 install, an error message display reading “FDICopy()failed:code 4[Corrupt cabinet]”. A: It means 5054A software is not compatible with your computer system, it requires windows XP (XP2 or XP3). Q: My computer is Windows XP French, is vas 5054a compatible with it? A: yes, it is. But the C: drive need […]

Question and answer about ms509 problem

Q: I have a problem with my ms509 scanner. When I try to connect it to my pc (I use windows xp sp3) the pc doesn’t recognise it. It recognise an “unknow device”. I have install the software of the cd but the problem remain. Also, the light of the display is on while the […]

Mut iii Frequently Asked Questions

What is MiTsubiShi Mut 3 ? The MiTsubiShi Mut 3 can retain data on all vehicles, from old to new models, classified according to destination in the PC’s hard disk. A personal computer (PC) is connected to the Mut iii unit and used as a system’s control terminal, and communicates with a vehicle ECU through […]

The Tacho Pro Scanner display screen problems?

Tacho Pro Universal Update& Repair Kit can repair the following troubles: 1, Screen display: Diga update 2, Screen display: RESET 3, No display after powered on 4, No vehicle list, screen display black strip 5, Frequently Halting 6, Screen display both the following:update handheldSYNC 7, The machine cannot read EEPROM.IF tacho 2008.01 Screen Display Reset,you […]

Multi-Di@g Access J2534 FQAs

How to activate the Actia Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device? Recently some customers buy the Multi-Diag Access J2534, after they install, it will need the password code. You can send us the code like: 19-xxxxxxxxSKL to us, we can activate it for you freely. But some customer always send us the code like: 19-cdd52831suu, […]

KWP2000 PLUS ECU Flasher Operation Instructions

Install driver: – Install the driver package to your notebook/pc. – Connect the KWP2000 PLUS Flasher to a free USB port. – At the window, point to the folder where you installed the driver package. – Reboot. How to READ data from a supported ECU Connect the KWP2000 PLUS ECU Flasher to computer USB port […]

Notice of using BMW INPA

1.Before using this equipment, keep the battery of notebook fully charged to avoid battery broken. Don’t charge the battery while diagnosing. Before charging, discharge the battery. You may knock down the battery and connect the power line during long time diagnosing to make sure the battery life. 2. While testing, to make sure the diagnostic […]