Dismantle the engine ECU from the vehicle (or IMMO) , and take down the IC chip identified as “93C56″ (fixed to the computer in the vehicle engine; for the Camry being IC601, and Lexus being IC900. Identification number for a chip fixed to IMMO is 93LC66) . Clean up every pin of IC to make […]

CReader V is a practical, easy to use fault code reader

Outline of CReader V 1, Cable with OBD II CONNECTOR– Connects the CReaderV to the vehicle’s Data Link Connector(DLC). 2, LCD DISPLAY – Indddicates test results. 3, EXIT BUTTON – Returns to previous menu. 4, UP/DOWN BUTTONs – Move cursor up or down for selection;or turn page up or down when more one page displayed […]

Super ECU tool-KWP2000 Plus ECU REMAP Flasher

KWP2000 PLUS ecu is a tool supporting  high speed ECU flashing ,Led Indications for USB-power/CAR-power/rx/tx ,Can read and write a lot more ECU’s than the normal KWP2000 Software. KWP2000 ECU PLUS Flasher Functions: – Read and analys your current ECU software. – Upgrad the ECU software with a re-mapped file. – Repair ECUs with software […]

Essential information about using Allscanner VCX HD

This article is all about how to use Allscanner VCX HD. 1. Install OEM Software Must first install the OEM software! Depending on your product configuration, option to install: TIS Techstream HONDA Diagnostic System VIDA2008C Reference《OEM software Installation Guide》。 2. Install VCX32 Driver This step Must be followed after step1! To install VCX32 Driver as […]