Obd2 Crash Eraser for Airbag crash controllers


Interface CrashEraser is designed for deleting faults in Airbag crash controllers through diagnostic plug. It allows for reading and writing eeprom, reading PIN number, reading and deleting faults, deleting Crash fault. The software is still being modernised, all improvements are available for free and you can download them by the Internet (search for special tools […]

Motorola 711 MC68HC11 Programmer user manual

Motorola 711 MC68HC11 Programmer.pdf (14MB) MC68HC11 Programmer communicates with PC via serial port; MC68HC11 Programmer is easy to use Windows 98/ME/XP software In-circuit/On-board. Communication with PC via a serial port Easy to use Windows 98/ME/XP software In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming High Speed EEPROM Programming CONFIG Register Programming Pin tester in both operation modes Target MCU baud […]

One low cost programmer for car dashboards programming

The TMS370 is the best low cost programmer for ti tms microcontroller development, car radios and car dashboards programming. A serial port interface (com1, com2) connects the programmer to any desktop or laptop PC running windows 98 / 2000 / XP. TMS370 Programmer Specification: Support models for car radio decoding¬† 1. Delco geo 2. Delco […]

Download Launch X431 Diagun III Bluetooth User Manuels

Launch X431 Diagun III Introduce.PDF How to use launch X431 Diagun III.pdf Launch x431 diagun iii english users manual.pdf How to assemble and install launch x431 diagun iii.pdf Launch X431 Diagun III Spare Parts Manual.PDF Here are more faqs about Launch X431 Diagun iii: Q: Why the LCD touch screen responds so slowly in cold […]

Why choose Victor VC101 Pocket Oscilloscope?

Victor VC101 Pocket Oscilloscope Features: (1.) Ultra-portable, light weight (2.) 2.8 “color display 320 * 240 (3.) Micro SD Kaposi-shaped storage (4.) Bandwidth of 200kHz (5.) 1Msps sampling rate (6.) Measurements can be adjusted logo (7.) multiple trigger mode (8.) Built-in test signal (9.) USB rechargeable battery Victor VC101 Pocket Oscilloscope is based on the […]