Auto ECU Programmers

Some Hot Car ECU Programmers

1. Carprog Full V5.46 Version: Latest V5.46 Language: English Car Maker: Multi-brands CarProg Full V5.46 (with all Software’s activated and all 21 items Adapters) is the newest version of carprog in 2013. CARPROG was designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair including advanced functions […]

SMDS III ADM-300A ECU Programming

SMDS III ADM-300A is applicable to Audio Decoding, Reading IMMO Code, Airbag Resetting, Odometer Adjusting, ECU Programming, Data Programming and so on. It is the third generation software and hardware platform from YANHUA Electronics Co. , Ltd which is based on the second-generation. It is featured by web-orient, USB communication and online upgrade; there is a […]

Motorola 711 MC68HC11 Programmer user manual

Motorola 711 MC68HC11 Programmer.pdf (14MB) MC68HC11 Programmer communicates with PC via serial port; MC68HC11 Programmer is easy to use Windows 98/ME/XP software In-circuit/On-board. Communication with PC via a serial port Easy to use Windows 98/ME/XP software In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming High Speed EEPROM Programming CONFIG Register Programming Pin tester in both operation modes Target MCU baud […]

Some Faqs about Ktag ECU Programming Tool FAQ

Q1: Can I use KTAG on Windows XP? A1: KTAG is compatible with both Windows XP and WIN7, but not all WIN7 is workable, better use WIN7 professional. Q2: Ktag “Communication error: please check power and connections – ox1008.” A2: Please check whether the car ECU is connected with the power. Q3: Does KTAG ECU […]

BeeProg2 is faster by 20-70% than BeeProg+ in such cases

The Beeprog2 is a professional universal programming device for development, service, production, and mobile applications. The current device is a speed-up improvement of the Beeprog+ Programmer. In addition to the comprehensive component support and extremely fast programming, the Beeprog2 offers a rugged housing which is suitable for industrial applications. Programming speed improvement was focused to […]

SPI 28 can be a good programmer for you

SPI 28 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer Description: The memory for SPI 28 software and data is implemented as a programmable component into ECUs for a long time now. Ever since these components are erasable even as an assembled part of the ECU more and more vehicle manufacturers chose to provide the possibility to re-load/replace the software […]