Auto Key Programmer

Ad90 Key Programmer Operation Method

The following is the general operation of the Ad90 Key Programmer: DETECTING THE PRESENCE OF A TRANSPONDER NOTE: This function can be used for: • Philips 40-41-42-44-45 • Temic 11-12 • Megamos 13 1. Switch to ‘TEST’ mode by pressing the ‘A’ button. 2. The LCD indicates the pres ence of a transponder. NOTE : […]

How to use SBB key programming to copy car key?

Step.1 Make the version is the lastest, and have be self tested DIY, can working well. Step.2 Before running SBB key programmer, please insert the blank new key into your vehicle keyhole; Step.3 Turn ignition switch “on “, and make sure the battery of your vehicle is good. Step.4 Insert SBB key programmer OBD-ii 16pin […]

CN900 Procedure of copying T5 .13

The procedure of using T5 chip to copy 13 chip. Follow photo is showing you the T5 chip data. Follow photo is showing you the 13 chip data.   Step about use T5 chip to copy 13 chip: 1. First put 13 chip in testing hole and press Identify &copy wait for few seconds then […]

Procedure of Intalling CN900 4D decode software

Procedure of Intalling CN900 4D decode software (Include download 4D decode software in internet and 12GB calculating software in USB flash disk) 1. First open the official website: 2. click this 3.choose Decode_4D and click it and save the Compression wrap in any disk you want. 4 .Extract the compressed package. 5.Open the file […]

Why customers choose T300 Key Programmer?

What can T300 do? Why choose it? Program Transponder keys directly to the vehicle when all keys are lost. Read Mechanical key codes from Holden Vehicles (Where available). Programming for Ford, Holden, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and more. Add the AD50 Adaptor to duplicate Commodore Keys. Use OEM or Silca Key Blanks Works […]

How to use Fiat Key Programmer AK48?

Fiat Key Programmer Using Method: -Remove BSI PC from the car, the BSI PC is in the left side of the driver, with the insurance seat for one seat. Need to remove the whole insurance box, and take out the BSI PC from the back of the insurance box, then weld 93LC66,. -After remove 93LC66, […]

Questions about CK100 Latest V37.01 auto key programmer

Q: Can CK-100 read PIN code for FORD and MAZDA by itself. A: Yes, for ford CK-100 Auto Key Programmer not need pin code reader. Q: Does CK-100 Auto Key Programmer support Toyota G chip key. A: The CK-100 Auto Key Programmer only one tool support Toyota G chip. Language: English,Italiano,Deutsch,Francais,Espaniol,Portugues,Turkce CK-100 Auto Key Programmer, […]