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Shanghai car plate prices rise at year’s last auction

Shanghai’s car plate prices rebounded slightly yesterday at the year’s last auction before a rigid price ceiling mechanism comes into force next month. The average price of a Shanghai license plate rose to 76,093 yuan (US$12,532), up 376 yuan from last month. The lowest winning bid increased 500 yuan to 76,000 yuan, the Shanghai International […]

Honda will launch hydrogen fuel vehicles in 2015

Honda CEO Iraq flowed east filial piety Honda will be announced in 2015 launched a brand new FCV models. FCV for Fuel Cell Vehicle initials, namely Fuel Cell vehicles. Details has revealed little, but Honda guarantee new fuel cell vehicles will use new technology to greatly reduce the production cost. Honda’s new fuel cell vehicles […]

Focus on:The event of the imported cars reback!

Many people like to Luxury cars,which stand for the reputation and rich in the society,of course,they are supported  high quality and high tech.However there is on doubt that they are never perfect in some way,and so if you want to purchase one,you should make yourself know it clearly,then think it over.Now there are some news […]

FORD AXOD – Switch Identification And Diagnosis

PIN # l. 4-3 Transmission Pressure Switch – This is a normally open single terminal switch used to signal the EEC-IV module when the transaxle makes a shift from third to fourth or from fourth to third. This switch will complete the circuit to ground in first, second, and third gears. This switch is calibrated […]

FORD E4OD, 4R70W, 4R44E, 5R55E

NEW DIGITAL TRANSMISSION RANGE (DTR) SENSOR FOR SOME 1997 MODELS CHANGE: Beginning at the start of production for 1997, some vehicles will be equipped with a new Digital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor, and externally looks identical to the previous Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS). Internally however, the new Digital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor operates totally […]

The stylish figure of BYD Qin

Other Diagnostic Tools - Uninterrupted Power Supply

Appearance: the design is more stylish Qin roughly the production version continued the overall design of concept car, compared to the speed sharp moderation designs, is more avant-garde and domineering. To meet the needs of mass production, the production version has been adjusted for the lighting layout, LED running lights originally located on both sides […]

The Miata Coupe: Not Built by Mazda

A friend recently asked me, “What’s the best sports car for the money?” “Easy,” I told him. “The Mazda Miata.” He didn’t look convinced. I explained that for about as much as it costs to buy a Toyota Camry LE, the MX-5 Miata offers the purist’s recipe of fun: rear drive, manual transmission, lively engine, […]


COMPLAINT: 1993 & up, vehicles equipped with GF4A-EL transaxles, built before 1/3/95, may exhibit a harsh 1-2 upshift or harsh upshift complaints before or after overhaul. Line pressure appears to be normal or slightly higher than normal when checking in the “D” range. “Normal” line pressure readings are as follows, 60-78psi. at idle and 161-172 […]

Volkswagen to Bring Electric Golf to US

Volkswagen E-Golf analyze fleet Volkswagen may provide a version connected with its The game of golf tiny automobile, labeled the E-Golf, to be able to U. S. stores like a 2014 style. The automaker may also establish the nine-month, 20-car analyze fleet plan starting the following month to be able to determine the E-Golf’s performance, […]