OBD Code Scanners

Question and answer about ms509 problem

Q: I have a problem with my ms509 scanner. When I try to connect it to my pc (I use windows xp sp3) the pc doesn’t recognise it. It recognise an “unknow device”. I have install the software of the cd but the problem remain. Also, the light of the display is on while the […]

Multi-Di@g Access J2534 FQAs

How to activate the Actia Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device? Recently some customers buy the Multi-Diag Access J2534, after they install, it will need the password code. You can send us the code like: 19-xxxxxxxxSKL to us, we can activate it for you freely. But some customer always send us the code like: 19-cdd52831suu, […]

FLY100 Honda Scanner Fail setup Reason

Usually, you fail to setup FLY100, because you do not successfully install Patch or USB Driver. Patch installation process Three steps about Patch installation process are listed as follows: Step 1: Open “Patch” Folder, and then double click “FLY100 Patch Process .exe”. Step 2: left click “Operation” button. Step 3: click “close” button, when the […]

The hot auto diagnostic tools for VOLVO

1. VOLVO VIDA DICE VOLVO DICE is a tool that is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle. Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software. Software version: 2013A 2013A Language: English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese For Volvo DiCE (Diagnostic Communication Equipment) is a tool that is used […]

What Can Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802 Do?

1. One tool can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on either the basic 4 systems ( Engine, Transmission, ABS and airbag ) or all the systems 2. Turns off warning lights 3. Supports all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs, including Read Codes, Erase Codes,Live Data, Freeze Frame, […]

U480 works on all OBD2/EOBD compliant vehicles

U480 is a kind of car code reader for reading and erasing trouble code in vehicles, sometimes called car reader.U480 can-bus obdii works on all OBD2/EOBD compliant vehicles including CAN BUS vehicles.Though so small, light and handy, which is dynamic and fashionable in design, competitive in price and easy to use. U480 scanner is specially […]

AUTOP S620 can do more cars than S610

S610 can only do car model before 2008, now S620 can also do car model from 2009 to 2011.09. S620 scan tool can diagnose car model such as Ford, GM, Toyota, BENZ, BMW VW, AUDI, VOLVO , NISSAN, HYUNDAI before 2011.09. AUTOP S620 OBDII EOBD Code Reader Function: 1. S620 scan tool works with all 1996 and newer […]

Download Autel Maxiscan MS509 User Manual

Autel Maxiscan MS509 User Manual.pdf (1.13MB) Autel Maxiscan MS509 OBD2 ii EOBD scanner code reader supports all nine OBDII test modes on all OBDII EOBD compliant vehicles to enable technicians and home users to accurately diagnose even the toughest problems. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use, this hand-held scanning tool enables fast and easy access to engine based EOBD […]

Volvo Vida Dice 2011 Install Video

Volvo Vida Dice FAQ Q1: Is VOLVO VIDA DICE with Bluetooth? A1: No, it isn’t. Q2: VIDA NOT OK, how to fix? A2: Volvo dice 2012D version or later version requires to install on Win7 64bit and please carefully read the .txt file “Read me” about the computer configuration requirements. Q3: “Windows cannot find driver […]