OBD Tuning

KWP2000 PLUS ECU Flasher Operation Instructions

Install driver: – Install the driver package to your notebook/pc. – Connect the KWP2000 PLUS Flasher to a free USB port. – At the window, point to the folder where you installed the driver package. – Reboot. How to READ data from a supported ECU Connect the KWP2000 PLUS ECU Flasher to computer USB port […]

How to use the CarProg?

It is necessary to know how to use the CarProg Full V4.1. First: Make the Universal tool – CARPROG inside have powerful 16-bit MPU and full set ofautomotiveinterface drivers. In basic version you will get hardware with extra functions: 123. input/output pins for EEPROM in-circuit programmer, future possibility’s to make on the same hardwareMicrocontrollerprogrammer, Immobiliser […]

FLY100 Honda Scanner Fail setup Reason

Usually, you fail to setup FLY100, because you do not successfully install Patch or USB Driver. Patch installation process Three steps about Patch installation process are listed as follows: Step 1: Open “Patch” Folder, and then double click “FLY100 Patch Process .exe”. Step 2: left click “Operation” button. Step 3: click “close” button, when the […]

China Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface

Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface Specification: 1.Software include (Note that some of it is not free and need to be purchased) DDLreader: DDLreader v.15c / DDLreader v.16c ConZult ScanTechNissan Z-Control SRTalk v.1.0 ZCSetup v.2.0 ZTalk v.1.1 Nissan Data Scan v.1.4 Nissan Data Scan v.1.51 2.Workable Model It works on all Nissan cars that have the grey […]

MPPS V13.02 Driver Supports the latest

MPPS V13.02 Driver

The MPPS V13.02 Driver that allows read and write memory from the car computer via the diagnostic connector. Supports the latest drivers EDC16, EDC17, MED9.x, Siemens PPD1 / x, EDC15, ME7.xi much more … Professional performance, without unnecessary boxes and cables. All electronics in OBD2 connector. Requires Windows XP sp2 Latest Version:V13.02 Language: Multi-language Features:  […]

CarProg Full V5.31 is the newest version of carprog in 2013

CarProg Full V5.31 (with all Software’s activated and all 21 items Adapters) is the newest version of carprog in 2013. CARPROG was designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key transponder programmer. Software: ECU-OPEL – OPEL […]

FGTECH GALLETTO 2 MASTER is the fastest and most secure

FGTech Galletto 2-Master this new system developed with high-speed USB2 technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone. Our system comes furnished complete with all Car, Truck, Motorbyke, Marine, BDM MPCxx , BDM Boot Mode Tricore, checksum. Boot Mode System TriCore Infineon Tricore Sak […]

VP390 is affordable, reliable, and fast universal device programmer

Wellon VP390 VP-390 Programmer

The WELLON VP390 Programmer are affordable, reliable, and fast universal device programmers. They are designed to operate with the Intel Pentium-based IBM-compatible desktop computers and laptops. No interface card is necessary to plug the module into a PC (this feature is especially handy for laptop users). The menu-driven software interface makes them easy to operate. […]