Question and answer about ms509 problem


I have a problem with my ms509 scanner. When I try to connect it to my pc (I use windows xp sp3) the pc doesn’t recognise it. It recognise an “unknow device”. I have install the software of the cd but the problem remain.
Also, the light of the display is on while the scanner is conected to the pc, but I can’t turn on the scanner while it is connected.
Could anyone help me?
Could anyone give me some instructions, drivers, etc for connect the ms509 scanner to my pc and print my data?
I have tried in three differents pcs and the problem is the same.
The MS509 Autel Scanner is new and has software 2.03. What is the last version of maxiscan ms509 scanner? Where can I find it? How can I install it?


Hi, i had the same problem with my ms509 scanner

i solved it !!

When installing the software from CD en pluggin the MS509 to your USB port, screen is lighting up en is OFF

I whent to hardware manager in configuration screen (windows 7 64bit, and also in my XP sp 3)

When the maxiscan ms509 is plugged in there is an USB RS232 something with RS232 with a message dat de drivers are not installed.

Related Download Files

Autel Maxiscan MS509 User Manual.pdf (1.13MB)

Drivers are not included with the CD

Just download for your OS and unpack to a new dir then in your hardware manager click on the RS232 and install drivers manualy, pointing to the drivers you just unpacked in a new directory.

Now it shoud install maxiscan ms509 scanner drivers for de RS232 hardware (Serial to USB converter)

After this your diagnostic MS509 wil turn ON

But your not finished yet.

Now there is a USB Serial port in your hardware manager that dosn’t have drivers installed. just do the same with this USB Serial port, update driver manualy ponting to de dir where you unpacked the drivers and your system will install the drivers for USB Serial Port.

After finishing this, TADAAA Your diagnostic tool MS509 software Maxilink is GREEN and telling you that your MS509 Device connected to COMx (x is the number of the comport it’s uses)