TOYOTA DENSO Tester-2 (IT2) Frequently Asked Qustion

Q: Is Toyota ITS2 with CF card?
A: Yes, Toyota IT2 is with CF card, there is a CF card slot at the back of Toyota IT2 main unit. When you use the main unit, please do not take it off, CF card is used to store the tested result. Please refer “Toyota ITS2 Names of the Parts”.

Q: Is this new and with the oscilloscope too?
A: Yes, it is with oscilloscope .

Q: Can i use this product to do airbag coding?
A: Yes,you can.It can do airbag coding and simple ecu programming.

Q: When I input the SUZUKI card, the Default Language is Chinese, how can I change the language?
A: You can find the “system “as the following picture show, choose the “system”, then you can change language there.